If you use an iPhone, you may use a feature called Find My Friends, which lets you find the location of your friends who are also using an iPhone. Now Apple has filed a patent for a similar feature but one that allows real-time tracking of anyone who agrees to let you track them.

This could come in handy to track the movements of a child or even an adult, especially if this feature can work with an Apple Watch that you can strap on to a person. However, if you’ve ever been curious where your cat goes, you might consider strapping an Apple Watch or an iPhone to your cat, turning on this new Track My Friends feature when it becomes available, and now through the magic of an iPhone or Apple Watch, you could track your cat’s movements around your neighborhood.

While this might be interesting from a curiosity point of view, it could also be helpful to tracking and finding your cat in case your cat gets lost. Of course, someone could always remove the Apple Watch or iPhone from your cat, but it still points to a potentially interesting feature once the Apple Watch gets small and cheap enough that you could trust it with your cat.

To read more about this potential tracking capability that you could use on your cat one day, click here.

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