When City Councilman Steve Levin (D-Brooklyn Heights) was driving to a meeting, he spotted the white and grey cat walking on the shoulder of the busy highway near the Humboldt St. exit at around 5:30 p.m. After calling his girlfriend for advice, she suggested he go back and look for the feline.

“There was no way the cat could possibly get off the BQE for a ways,” Levin said.

With the help of a nearby highway patrolman, Levin then scooped up the cat and put her in the back of his car, suffering scratches and bites from the frightened cat. After taking the cat to an animal shelter, Levin discovered that the cat had been abused, shot, and was also pregnant. The cat, now named Loretta, is safe in a shelter.

If you live in the district of Steve Levin, support him for his efforts. No matter which political party you belong to, he deserves acknowledgement for rescuing a helpless kitty.

To read more about the rescued cat, click here.

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