With the news that Kevin Spacey will play the role of a man who finds himself trapped inside a cat’s body in an upcoming movie called “Nine Lives,” Hollywood may finally reverse the negative perception of cats. In James Bond films, cats are always accomplices to evil villains. In movies like “Cats and Dogs,” the cats are the villains and the dogs are the heroes.

What “Nine Lives” may do is change the way people see cats. Instead of seeing them as greedy, selfish, arrogant villains, “Nine Lives” could help people see cats as friendly, lovable companions like dogs. If “Nine Lives” fails to change people’s perception of cats as greedy, selfish, and arrogant, perhaps cats can simply go into politics and use their negative reputation as a bargaining chip to ride the coattails of another politician into office.

To read more about Hollywood’s shift in portraying cats in film, click here.

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