When an Indiana apartment complex caught on fire, 48 families had to evacuate and seven cats perished in the blaze. Capt. Rusty Hall of the Jeffersonville Fire Department, said, “Twenty-four hours later, me and my partner, Rex Caldwell, we went back to look for equipment and, more or less, checking out the building to make sure there was no hidden hot spots. It just so happened that we looked over and seen something yellow sitting on the ground. I had hollered for Rex and I said, ‘Is that what I think it is?'”

It turned out that a kitten had managed to not only survive the fire, but also 24 hours abandoned alone in the ruins. The firefighters took the kitten to an animal shelters where it was named Miracle and is currently recuperating nicely. The next time you think of that a cat has nine lives, you might be right.

To read more about Miracle the Cat, click here.

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