As cat cafes expand from Taiwan and Asia to the rest of the world, Grand Rapids may now be the home of the next cat cafe. Grand Rapids native Kati Palmurkar has a dream that “The Happy Cat Café” will be a coffee shop that also serves as a cat adoption center and space for cat lovers to interact with their feline friends.

“Imagine enjoying a gourmet espresso and house-baked pastry, all while a purring cat sleeps on your lap. The cats are benefited by socialization with humans and are exposed to potential owners,” Palmurkar wrote on her new website.

“They also have the opportunity to roam free, and in turn municipal shelters are able free up cage space (that means less euthanized cats). The café also acts as a community location for cat/pet lovers, volunteers, and activists.”

If you happen to live in Grand Rapids, consider helping support the launch of a new cat cafe. The more ways cats can find a good home, the better off everyone will be.

To read more about the potential opening of a cat cafe in Grand Rapids, click here.

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