There are always stories of people moving and leaving their cat behind, only for the cat to search them out and find them again hundreds or even thousands of miles away, even though the cat had no idea where its owners might have moved to.

Now there’s a cartoon about this type of activity called “Larry Cat in Space.” The difference is that Larry’s owner is going to the moon so Larry decides to sneak in the suitcase and go along for the ride. Once on the moon, Larry learns about gravity and weightlessness while also reuniting with his owner.

If the thought that you can’t escape your cat even if you go into outer space makes you weep, you probably don’t want to see this cartoon. For everyone else who might find this amusing, watch this cartoon and it will likely remind you of your own cat’s experiences exploring a new world and knocking things over in the process.

To learn more about the “Larry Cat in Space” cartoon, click here.

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