When Elisabeth Norman Gardner met her cat Frankie, he weighed 35 pounds and couldn’t stand up. People laughed at the sight of the obese feline.

“It was just hurting my heart,” says Gardner.


Gardner wanted to adopt Frankie, but the animal shelter didn’t want to release an unhealthy animal. That’s when the shelter reached an agreement: If Gardner could foster Frankie until he dropped to 25 pounds, Gardner could adopt him. A year after Frankie and Gardner first met, he became a permanent part of her home.

Remembering malicious comments [people made about Frankie’s weight, Gardner wrote a an anti-bullying book starring Frankie called “We Are All Different and We Are All Right.” The book was illustrated by Rachel R. Lindsey and deals with themes of bullying.

To read more about Frankie and his role in helping create a children’s book, click here.

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