When Kymberly and Jesse Chelf planned to move from El Paso, Texas to¬†Fairbanks, Alaska, they packed up all their belongings except for their cat, Moosie, which they couldn’t find anywhere. For three days the couple looked frantically for Moosie, unaware that Moosie had hidden in a mattress that the moving company was already shipping to Alaska.

Upon arriving in Fairbanks, Kymberly and Jesse discovered Moosie had spent two months trapped in the mattress. The couple took Mossie to the veterinarian to nurse Moosie back to health and reunite with the family once more.

If you ever need to move, first find the cat and pack it safely away before moving anything else. Moving furniture will likely startle a cat so it’s best to know where your cat is right from the start instead of trying to find the cat afterwards.

To read more about Moosie’s two month adventure to Alaska, click here.

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