Most Americans have no idea why Asian countries don’t get along. What they don’t realize is that countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea have long histories of resentment, arrogance, and anger towards each other. Trying to get two Asian countries to cooperate is like trying to get Arabs and Israelis to cooperate.

Yet the Japanese robot cat Doraemon may help do what politicians on both sides could not, which is find a common ground. In this case, the common ground is liking a Japanese  3D animated film called “Stand By Me Doraemon.”

Doraemon, a chubby, perennially cheerful cat from the 22nd century, has teleportation powers, an addiction to sweet bean pancakes and array of ingenious gadgets he uses to help his hapless schoolboy friend, Nobita. Amazingly, “Stand By Me Doraemon” earned more money at the Chinese box office than “The Avengers: The Age of Ultron.”

If a cartoon cat from Japan can help bring China and Japan closer together, perhaps there’s hope that cats can help make the rest of the world a better place. That way cats can rule the universe like they’re supposed to and the human race can serve their new feline masters who will keep the peace on the planet.

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