Here’s a problem with mice and cats. Cats like hunting and killing mice and mice want to live. So it’s in the mouse’s best interest to stay far away from a cat as possible. Cats know that, so their urine actually has a chemical component in it that dulls a mouse’s sense of fear about cats.

It seems that when mice smell cat urine, they lose their ability to recognize the danger of a cat scent. That gives the cat a chance to sneak up on a mouse long since the mouse doesn’t perceive the smell of a cat as a threat any more. Cat urine has been chemically brainwashing mice not to flee as quickly from a cat.

If you think mice can be brainwashed by cat urine, consider what that same chemical might be doing to your brain? Perhaps cats are reprogramming our heads at this very moment and you’ll never know it until you withdraw your life savings form the bank and spend it all on the cat for no apparent reason.

To read more about how cat urine contains a chemical to alter the behavior office, click here.

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