In case your cat isn’t spoiled enough by sleeping on your bed, your couch, and your chairs while you sit on the floor so you don’t disturb, the cat, you might want to go one step further and get your cat its own special cat futon.

Many Japanese sleep on futons that gets laid out on the floor every evening. Now cat lovers can buy their cats their very own futons so the cats can curl up in them, safe and warm.

These cat futons are  available from the online store Felissimo for 3,974 yen (US$33.14). Each futon features special details designed to appeal to the charmingly fickle nature of the feline clientèle.

If you like the idea of wrapping your cat up in its own futon so it looks like it’s tucked in a burrito, then you might want a cat futon today.

To read more about cat futons, click here.

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