Cats have been known to get themselves stuck in trees, telephone poles, and rooftops. Now a cat has been rescued from inside a Porsche car engine when Etihad pilot Arne Proske tried starting his 2007 black Porsche Cayenne.

“I heard a yelling,” said Mr Proske, a German. “You don’t expect a noise like this in the early morning.”

When he turned the ignition a second time, the noise started again and he was certain an animal must be trapped.

“I could hardly believe it because he had his right paw wrapped around a fanbelt wheel – so imagine your right arm that has gone under the wheel and then comes out the top side,” said Mr Lot, the cat’s owner. “I was in disbelief that he can get in that position.”

After mechanics took the engine apart to free Harley the cat, they raced the cat to a veterinarian. Fortunately Harley’s injuries are minor and should make a full recovery.

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