Christmas decorations may look festive but if you have cats, be careful. Many christmas decorations can be hazardous to your cat’s health. The fir tree oils from a Christmas tree can be irritating to the mouth and stomach, causing excessive drooling or vomiting.

John Ellenger, head of pet insurance at MORE TH>N, commented: “Christmas is a time of year where people’s houses will be full of seasonal plants that could be poisonous to animals – including the Christmas tree itself.

“However, it’s not just the flora that poses a risk. Mince pies, raisin-laden Christmas puddings and chocolate are all potentially life-threatening to dogs, so it’s incredibly important that as households gear up for the festive season, they remember to take measures to keep their beloved pets safe.”

So keep an eye on your cat to make sure it’s not acting oddly. If so, it could have eaten something it shouldn’t have during this holiday season.

To read more about dangers Christmas decorations pose to cats, click here.

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