Will Highsmith and his girlfriend wanted to adopt a cat so they visited the Animal Care and Protective Services’ website. That’s when they instantly fell in love with Pearl, an orange cat with a very angry face.

“We thought she was cute and figured she’d be gone pretty fast but we got there and turned the corner and there she was,” Highsmith, of Jacksonville, Florida, said. “We noticed her immediately because of her face.”

After posting Pearl’s angry face on the Internet, Angry Pearl’s pictures have started to go viral.

“While we were at the shelter she was looking at me through the bars,” said Highsmith. “I took a picture and thought it was hilarious and posted it on Reddit under cats. It blew up on Imgur really fast and people were telling me to make an Instagram for this cat. People kept suggesting I do it so I made a few funny ones with funny, little lines all about hate.”

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