Casinos and international airports use facial recognition software to help identify certain people. Now the magic of facial recognition software has come to your cat. Entrepreneur Mu-Chi Sung developed a version of facial recognition geared for cats and linked to a feeder.

“I have three cats, and how I fed them was I put the food in the bowl and had no idea what they’re eating,” says Sung, who didn’t realize his cat Momo stopped eating food due to illness until he found her dehydrated and paralyzed on the floor of his house.

Dubbed Bistro, the combination cat feeder and facial recognition software can alert you when a cat’s feeding habits change, which could signal possible health problems. Bistro will cost approximately $249 when released, but if it saves your cat’s life, it could be priceless.

To read more about Bistro, the cat feeder with facial recognition software, click here.

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