Many people find the sound of a cat purring to be comforting, so it’s not surprising that purring is one part of a cat that rarely drives people crazy. Yet instead of getting a cat, a woman in Australia has advertised for a human to sit at the end of her bed and purr her to sleep.

Why this woman doesn’t just get a cat or two remains a mystery. After all, cats are far better at purring than humans, so it seems only natural to want a real cat to purr rather than a human to purr as a substitute.

If you happen to live in Victoria, Australia, you might want to apply for the job as a human cat who can watch over a woman and purr her to sleep every night. Then again, you might prefer getting a real job where you won’t have to hang around an odd woman who prefers purring but not real cats to do it.

To read about the job for a human cat to purr a woman to sleep every night, click here.

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