Matthew and Simone Tipton have a 2-year-old girl named Scarlette Tipton, who was born with a rare cancer that led to her left arm being amputated last year when she was just 10 months old. When Matthew and Simone took Scarlette to the Humane Society, she immediately bonded with a three-legged kitten named Holly.

“When we were playing with the cat on the floor, Scarlette noticed it had staples on its side and a drainage tube sticking out, which she had to deal with as well, after her own amputation,” Simone Tipton said. “She pointed at it, saying, ‘Owie, the cat is hurting’ and placed her own hand on her left side where her amputation was. She’s only 2, but I think she really understood and it clicked with her that the cat was just like her.”

There’;s a place for everyone and every cat to find the perfect home, so do your part and find the right cat for you. To read more about the three-legged kitten, click here.

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