The latest Internet sensation is Jesper, a cat in Norway that goes hiking and skiing. While many people marvel at the fact that a cat can enjoy so many outdoor activities, the truth is that any cat can be trained to do different activities if it wants. The key is if the cat wants to do it.

Animal behaviorist Jill Goldman, said, “If he has the physical attributes to be comfortable, such as a long coat, and has adjusted over time to be comfortable with the activity, it’s not surprising the owner can ski with her cat.”

Yet even Jesper has his limits, Jesper’s owner, Aina Stormo, says training cats has its limits. Storm used a variety of positive reinforcements and treats to get Jesper comfortable with being outside. Of course when Jesper has enough, he simply plops down on the ground and its until Stormo picks him up and carries him around, so there are limits to what you cat will do even with treats and positive reinforcements.

Still if you want to train a cat, have fun. Just make the experience enjoyable for both you and your pet. To read more about training a cat, click here.

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