You never now what type of mobile phone game will become the next Internet sensation. First there was Angry Birds. Then there was Flappy Bird. Now the Japanese have created a new game called Neko Atsume.

The goal of the game is to get cats to visit your virtual home and garden. To entice them, you must leave out various foods (kibble, canned food, sashimi), toys (balls, yarn, a paper bag) and things to lie on (pillows, cushions, plush macaroons). Also: boxes, space heaters, umbrellas, pots, a goldfish bowl and a cowboy hat.

If you like the idea of hoarding cats but don’t like the mess they would bring, try Neko Atsume. Now you can hoard virtual cats and no one will think you’re a crazy cat lady (or man).

To read more about Neko Atsume, click here.

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