As much as people think they want money, fame, and power, what’s really precious in life aren’t material possessions but relationships with others.┬áJudy Pugh of Tuscaloosa found this out when a tornado devastated her home, causing her to lose everything she owned.

Fortunately two out of three cats survived the tornado but the third cat went missing. One month later, Judy returned to her devastated house to do an interview with CNN. That’s when her third cat miraculously appeared. During filming, Judy broke off the interview to rush and hug her third cat that had been missing all this time.

Losing material possessions is bad enough, but losing relationships with people and animals can be even worse. The next time you think you don’t have enough material possessions, just take a moment to reflect on what’s really important in life.

Just ask Judy about finding all three of her cats alive after a tornado. While she would obviously like to have her home back, she’s more than happy to have all three of her cats safe and sound with her once more.

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