Many people love cats and many fiction writers enjoy including cats as major characters in their novels. That’s why the Cat Writer’s Association awards novelists for promoting the use of cats in their books.

However, a debate is looming among fiction writers who include cats as characters. Shirley Rousseau Murphy “Joe Grey Mystery” series has more than a million copies in print and the Cat Writers’ Association has awarded her a medallion for best novel 11 times. In her books, a pair of talking cats help police solve crimes.

On the other hand, Patricia Fry is the author of the “Klepto Cat Mystery” series. Describing the first installation on her website, the author reassured readers: “Don’t worry, there are no talking cats.”

So should cats talk in fiction or should they remain silent like in real life? That’s the debate tearing apart the cat fiction community. If you like talking cats or not, vote with your wallet and buy cat books with the type of cat characters you enjoy most.

To read more about this debate between talking and non-talking cats, click here.

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