When animal behaviourist and dog trainer Robert Dollwet, bought Didga¬†from a shelter, he decided to try training the cat¬†after realising he couldn’t keep dogs at his Gold Coast home

“I knew I couldn’t really get a dog so I thought a cat could be a bit under the radar,” he said. Dodge’s training began by chance.

“We were outside a cafe and this guy came up on the skateboard and she didn’t budge, and he walked away from skateboard and she got on it just like it was nothing, there was no fear at all,” Mr Dollwet said.

Didga soon had her own skateboard and Mr Dollwet began training with her immediately.

“I had her eating on the board for a few days and every time she went on board she would get fed. It took days for me to even start moving the board,” he said.

If you think you can’t train a cat, think again. Then again, it’s far more likely that your cat will train you, so at least one of you will be properly trained one some form or another.

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