When it comes to predicting sports outcomes, people have used computers, astrology, and biorhythms. What Dirk and Linda Copland are doing is relying on their cat, Cass, to predict the winners of the next soccer game.

“Cass is a she and is very much a diva,” her owner, Dirk Copland, said. “Cass and I don’t get along that well. Only when it involves food she seems to come around. But she loves everything football. Cass and I have being doing these predictions for a couple of years, starting with the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. She had mixed fortunes and blames either the weather or the food for any incorrect predictions.”

By choosing food from one dish over another that represents different teams, Cass can choose which team she thinks will win. As Cass hones her prediction skills, Dirk says he may let Cass predict the outcome of the next US Presidential election.

To read more about the sports predicting cat, click here.

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