When most people search for a new place to live, they must compete with other people looking to rent as well. That’s why Canadian cartoonist, Gareth Gaudin, has slapped his well-known creation “Perogy Cat” on a poster to help differentiate himself from the rest of the people in the rental market.

Gaudin’s cartoon ad reads: “We’re an adorable, professional, artistic, bookstore owning young family of four seeking a three bedroom, pet friendly house to rent long-term starting July or August.” “We are life-long professional and entrepreneurial Victorians with two charming, responsible and well-behaved daughters. We’d be an asset to any neighbourhood and a delight to have live in your rental house.”

If you live in the Victoria, Canada area and would like a cat cartoonist as your renter, contact Gareth Gaudin right away. To read more about the cartoonist using his cat cartoons to help him find a new place to live, click here.

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