There’s a cat fight going on in the British government. While politicians are debating Britain’s exit from the European Union, Larry the Cat remains the official mouser of 10 Downing Street.

A neighboring rival named Palmerston is the official mouser of the Foreign Office. Unfortunately, Larry and Palmerston have gotten into fights and squabbles where Larry had to get veterinarian care after hurting his paw in a fight with Palmerston.

Now Palmerston tried to sneak into 10 Downing Street, Larry’s turf, while nobody was looking. Police quickly apprehended Palmerston and unceremoniously evicted him, which Palmerston was evidently not pleased with.

Watching the antics of Larry and Palmerston is far more amusing than watching the antics of actual politicians. Fortunately, cats are much cuter and fluffier. It’s a shame that cats can’t live longer and politicians have a shorter life span.

To read more about Palmerston’s attempts to sneak into 10 Downing Street, click here.

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