When most cats go missing, they’re often found in nearby areas. However when Marna Gilligan and Sean Purdy lost their beloved black-and-white cat named Moon Unit eight and a half years ago, they thought they’d never see it again.

Then one day they got a call from a French animal rescue group called Aide et Defense des Animaux en Detresse, which informed them that a microchip in Moon Unit led them back to its owner. The odd thing was that Moon Unit had originally lived in London and had somehow spent the last eight and a half years living in Paris.

How Moon Unit the cat managed to cross the English Channel remains a mystery, but eight and a half years later, Moon Unit has been reunited with its original owners. If you think a microchip can’t be useful, think again. Then think about microchipping your kids or current boyfriend/girlfriend to keep them from getting away from you as well.

To read more about the cat from London that wound up in Paris, click here.

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