If you have a cat, you probably also have plenty of paper towels and cleaning fluid to pick up and wipe up vomit every time your cat hurls after a hefty meal. Known as scarf-and-barf, vomiting often occurs when cats overindulge at meal time and then vomit afterwards, not unlike many human super models who use vomiting as a way to stay thin.

Dr. Liz Bales, a Philadelphia veterinarian and the owner of a one-eyed hairless cat named Carlos says that food bowls are to blame. That’s why Dr. Bales has created a product called NoBowl, which lets you hide cat food in containers that resemble a mouse that you can hide around the house.

Not only does this force the cat to hunt and look for its food, but it also keeps the cat from overeating from having an abundance of food right in front of its face. Perhaps if this NoBowl solution works to keep cats from overeating, people can put food in these same containers to see if it can help their relatives from overeating as well.

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