In Chicago, complaints about rats are up 67%. The past mild winter gave rats more time to breed so there are more rats running around. Surprisingly, rats feast on dog waste, so the more dogs in a neighborhood, the more food for rats to thrive on. Poison and traps couldn’t keep the rat population down so many people are turning to the Treehouse Humane Society.

Treehouse has a no-kill policy, which means they’re usually overflowing with feral cats that people won’t adopt. Five years ago, Treehouse started giving out┬átheir feral cats to control the rat population. Not surprisingly, this natural form of rat control has worked amazingly well.

Not only do the feral cats eat the rats, but their scenes keeps the rats away. Poison and traps are no match for a cat because nobody wants to cuddle with poison or pet a trap. This proves once and for all that cats are superior.

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