If you like cats and also like drawing, you can combine your two interests together and learn to draw kittens using paper and pencil or a computer program like Adobe Photoshop. Best of all, you can learn to draw kittens absolutely free.

Udemy, a video site that offers different video courses in various topics, offers a Draw a Kitten course absolutely free. The instructor, Brendon Schumacker, offers this free course as a demonstration to his other drawing courses. If you like his teaching style and feel you learned enough to draw a kitten, you may want to pay more for his other drawing classes.

Since the Draw a Kitten course is free, you have nothing to lose to try it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to draw your own kitten and start yourself on a new career or hobby learning to draw other animals besides kittens.

To sign up for the free Draw a Kitten course, click here.