If you thought the Brexit vote divided Britain into two warring camps, you haven’t seen the latest drama unfolding around government offices. Larry the cat is the official mouser of 10 Downing Street and Palmerston is the official mouser of the Foreign Office. Unfortunately, neither of these two cats seem to like each other and constantly fight. The fighting has gotten so bad that Larry has had to go to a vet for a hurt paw.

Witnesses are unsure whether Larry the cat favored Brexit or opposed it, but they are sure that whatever Larry wanted, it’s a safe bet that Palmerston wanted the opposite.

Now a third official mouser has appeared in the form of Gladstone who will guard the Treasury from rodents. No word yet on whether Gladstone will throw his lot with Larry or Palmerston, or remain neutral like Switzerland. Whatever the case, someone in British government should intervene before one of these cats gets seriously injured.

When given a choice between playing politics or caring for cats, it’s obvious that cats should have first priority.

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