Cats have strange habits and behavior, but most of the time you can figure out what a cat wants. If a cat meows in front of the door, it usually means the cat wants to go out or that it wants you to go out, drive to the nearest gourmet restaurant, and bring ti back some fresh fish and chicken.

If a cat curls up on your bed, that usually means you are an inferior being compared to the cat and the cat is sleepy so you’ll have to sleep on the floor instead.

Yet Keys the cat, dubbed the GoalKitty, has a strange habit of liftings its two front paws in the air for no apparent reason. This isn’t just a one-time act but a regular habit. Why this cat feels the need to raise its paws in the air is a mystery, but perhaps it’s just practicing to be a referee at a football game to let everyone know when a team has scored.

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