In Japan, there’s an island known as Cat Island that attracts tourists who want to see hundreds of free roaming cats in the streets. If traveling to Japan’s cat island is too far for you, you might find you can visit Lanai, a small Hawaii island that also has the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, home of over 400 cats.

The cats ― or “Hawaiian Lions,” as the sanctuary calls them ― have large huts and trees to climb on, patches of grass on which to sun themselves and all the human attention they could ever want.

“I call it the ‘Furr Seasons,’” said executive director Keoni Vaughn. “It’s 25,000 square feet of open-aired space for the cats to run around and play in, so they’re just kind of relaxing and chilling.”

Visitors can watch the cats or play with them, and if they find one they like, they can even adopt that cat.

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