In the old days if a cat got lost, chances were slim the owner would ever see the cat again. Then microchips arrived that could contain a person’s contact information. Now cats have gone missing for years and traveled hundreds of miles only to be reunited with their families thanks to the information stored in the microchip.

Unfortunately, this happy story of the microchip isn’t working for¬†Karen Young, 41, who had her seven-year-old Bengal cat Tigger microchipped when she first purchased him for ¬£800 back in 2009.

For years later, she discovered that Tigger and been found when someone tried to change the information stored in Tigger’s microchip. Despite having proof of Tigger’s ownership and her information in the microchip, data protection laws are preventing Karen from discovering who now has Tigger so she can recover the rare feline.

Now Karen is fighting to regain custody of Tigger and is questioning the whole purpose of microchipping.

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