The 1972 movie “A Clockwork Orange” caused tremendous controversy when it first appeared, given its full frontal nudity and graphic violence that was unheard of for that time. The origin of the movie comes form a British saying, “As queer as a clockwork orange.” The author of the novel, Anthony Burgess, used that phrase to question what makes a person good, conditioning or free will?

Hence a clockwork orange is something that appears organic but is really mechanical on the inside. If you watch the film as a cat lover, you might recall the scene where a woman living in a health farm, spends her nights in the company of cats. The cats simply lay around the house while this woman exercises and eventually gets attacked by the hero.

Still if you were disappointed by the recent “Nine Lives” movie and want to watch a good movie with cats in it, you can always rent “A Clockwork Orange” and enjoy cats scampering around in a decent movie for a change.