Cat cafes started in Asia and slowly spread to the rest of the world. Initially they seemed a rarity but now it seems like every major city is offering their own cat cafe. The latest North American cat cafe has just opened in Winnipeg, Canada.

“We’re mostly an adoption centre. We foster these cats and we try to find them homes,” said Jennifer Laferriere, the owner and founder of Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Café. “You can come here and purchase coffee and something small to eat and come in and sit with the cats and play with them and hopefully fall in love.”

If you live in the Winnipeg area and need a cat to make your day more enjoyable, be sure to visit Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Café and pick up a cat or two if you have room in your own home. If you collect enough cats, you could consider opening your own cat cafe as well.

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