Like people, some cats are small and some cats are big. Yet nothing seems bigger than an 18-month old Maine Coon named Ollie. Ollie weighs 8kg and is 165cm long, which is longer than most Maine Coons.

“They look a bit scary, or impressive, like a bobcat or a lynx,” said Ollie’s owner, Karen Milton. “They have tufts of fur on their ears and paws, that gives them quite a lovely look, it’s usually what shocks people more than their size.”

Despite his size, Ollie’s still a kitten and still growing, which means Ollie will likely contend for the biggest cat in Australia and perhaps the world. If you thought your cat was too big (or just a big pain in the neck), then you should be thankful your cat isn’t as large as Ollie.

To read more about Ollie, possibly the largest cat in Sydney, click here.

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