Larry the Cat has been declared the official mouser of 10 Downing Street, but lately he’s been getting into tussles with Palmerston, the official mouser for the Treasury. When Larry got hurt in a fight with Palmerston and had to see the vet, the staff at Downing Street chipped in to pay for the vet bill.

Now the question is should taxpayers pay for vet bills or should the staff continue donating their own money to care for the cat?

As you can tell, this pressing question is far more important than any questions regarding Brexit. The next time you visit England, stop by and visit Larry the Cat, and if you have some spare change, donate it to his health care. That way the British taxpayers won’t have to worry about funding health care for a cat that’s probably better than the health care they might receive themselves.

To read more about this dilemma about Larry the Cat’s vet bills, click here.

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