For many cat lovers, they can’t imagine what this world might be like if there were no cats. After all, not many cat lovers want to cuddle up with a dog in its place. If you’re curious what life would be like without cats, then you might want to investigate a Japanese film simply called “If Cats Disappeared From the World.”

The basic story is that a dying man is given a choice by the devil that he can live one more day if one thing in the world was taken away as if it never existed. Obviously one of those items includes taking cats away as well.

Although the movie doesn’t focus exclusively on cats, it does provide an interesting look at a world without cats along with other items we take for granted. If you can’t imagine a world without cats, then don’t make a deal with the devil the next time you have the chance. Your cat will thank you for it.

To read more about the “If Cats Disappeared From the World” movie, click here.

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