Have you ever wondered if your cat may be psychic? Or maybe if you cat’s just psycho? Or even whether you may be delusional and suffering from mental illness by just thinking your cat may be psychic? If so, then there may be an answer.

Animal behaviourists, Rupert Sheldrake, contacted 65 veterinary offices in London and asked if they had noticed cat owners having problems bringing their cats in for appointments. Sixty-four said they had and some were no longer making appointments for cats, preferring owners to come in on a first come first served basis.

Apparently cats are known to hide as soon as they sense their owners are starting to think about getting the cage out. Besides being able to intuit what people are feeling, cats can also anticipate when their owner is returning home, even when the person returns at an unpredictable time and without warning.

“When I went back home to live with my mother for a few years after my divorce she would always have my dinner ready,” says one cat owner named Monica. “My job wasn’t nine to five, so how did she know what time I was going to be back? Because about 15 to 20 minutes before I got home my cat would sit by the door and start crying. I’m serious. This happened every single time.”

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