Haverford College has a resident cat, but not out of choice. Nicknamed HaverCat, the homeless cat wandered into the Main Line campus library where it has charmed the staff and wormed his way into the hearts of students and faculty.

The domestic shorthair arrived just before last Christmas when he strolled in through an open door. Final exams were in full swing and HaverCat quickly earned a reputation as the go to companion for students needing a stress buster.

“Every time we took him out, he got himself back in because he is clever,” said Dawn Heckert, circulation services and building coordinator at ┬áMagill Library. Heckert finally put her foot down and HaverCat is now only allowed behind the circulation desk to keep him away from special collections.

The school is now looking for a good home for HaverCat where he can interact with lots of people. Hopefully whoever adopts HaverCat will also have a large library for the cat to stroll around in.

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