When Hurricane Matthew hit, Deborah Smith had to evacuate like thousands of other people. The problem was that Deborah lived on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina and had a special problem. She ran a cat sanctuary and had twenty special needs cats.

“When we realized that the hurricane was headed straight for us,  I desperately wanted to get them off the island…but it’s difficult when you have just one or two pets finding a place,” said Smith.

“It seemed darn near impossible. So, Wednesday morning I got onto Craig’s List and found a wonderful gentleman who had a warehouse unit for rent here. I asked him if I could stay in it. He said,’Yes.’ Then I said, ‘By the way, I have 23 animals with me,’ and he said,’Absolutely,’” said Smith.

Through the kindness of others, Deborah saved herself and her cats from the hurricane. Perhaps if there were more people like the kindly gentleman who helped shelter Deborah and her cats, there would be fewer problems in the world.

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