In Parlier, located on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley southeast of Fresno, there’s a 12-acre refuge, where hundreds of rescued cats and kittens roam about, free-range style, on the banks of the Kings River. These cats can live out their lives as free creatures or, preferably, be adopted.

The refuge, called Cat House on the Kings, was created nearly 25 years ago by Lynea Lattanzio, then a newly divorced woman who tried all the usual post-marriage diversions — dating, dancing, movies — but was unfulfilled.

In the spring of 1993, her father asked her to help find him two kittens, and she began looking in shelters, having no idea that there were so many unwanted cats. “I thought all kittens found homes, and I had no idea that shelters killed them. That’s when I started to rescue.”

If you want to help save the life of a cat, adopt a cat in your home, or consider starting your own free-range refuge for cats to live in. Either way the cats will be happy and safe while you get stuck cleaning up after them.

To read more about the Cat House on the Kings refuge, click here.

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