In Hawaii, there’s an endangered seabird that breeds on Mauna Loa called the Hawaiian petrel. Unfortunately because the Hawaiian petrel is a bird, it’s obviously a tasty morsel for any feral cat that happens to catch and kill them.

To protect the petrels, the National Park Service and other organizations spent three years building a cat-proof barrier, a 6-foot-tall fence topped with a curved section that even the wiliest kitty is not supposed to be able to scale. It’s the longest anti-cat fence in the United States, and encloses 600 acres of 8,000- to 10,000-foot-high terrain that petrels, also known as ‘u’au, view as choice breeding territory.

A cat-proof fence allows the endangered petrel to breed without harming feral cats that would like nothing better than to eat an endangered bird before it becomes extinct. Hopefully the cat-proof fence will keep everyone happy, unless, of course, you happen to be a hungry cat with a taste for petrel drumsticks.

To read more about the cat-proof fence in Hawaii, click here.

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