Browser the cat lives in the local library in White Settlement. Although most patrons like seeing a cat in the library, councilman Elzie Clements did not. Back in June, he even managed to evict Browser from his job as chief mouse catcher at the library. After Clements and the council received some online derision for the decision, Mayor Ronald Moore and the council opted in July to reinstate Browser to his job protecting library patrons from mice.

Now, Clements, 75 and serving his final days on the council after losing re-election earlier this year, is still trying to get rid of the cat. He wants to put an item on the council agenda  to boot Browser from the library yet again.

This just shows that some people don’t know enough not to confront a feline. If you live in White Settlement, help Browser stand up for his right to protect the library from mice. Chances are good Browser is more popular than councilman Elzie Clements and that’s probably the real reason he can’t stand Browser the cat.

To read more about a Texas councilman’s ongoing efforts to evict a cat from the library, click here.

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