In case you haven’t been following the latest cat news at 10 Downing Street, Larry the Cat and Palmerston the Cat haven’t been getting along lately and even got into a fight once or twice. Yet Larry and Palmerston weren’t the original 10 Downing Street cat fed. Taught honor goes to Nelson and the Munich Mouser.

Nelson belonged to Winston Churchill while the Munich Mouser belonged to Neville Chamberlain. When Winston Churchill took office and brought Nelson along, the Munich Mouser was already at 10 Downing Street.

In the end, Nelson triumphed and took over 10 Downing Street, forcing the Munich Mouser out. So if Larry and Palmerston continue fighting, there might only be one cat left at 10 Downing Street one day, just like Nelson triumphed over the Munich Mouser.

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