Most creatures need a complete brain to survive although many politicians and their most strident followers can survive quite well with half a brain or even less. That’s why scientists in Poland are astounded by Liza, a 10-year old cat.

Liza was diagnosed with a meningioma and MRI and CT scans showed that the tumour filled almost the entire right half of her brain. Veterinarians went ahead with a risky tumour removal surgery and happily, Liza not only survived but is continuing to thrive like a normal cat.

That means normal cats may only use half of their brain or that a cat with half a brain is still smarter than many humans with a full brain. In either case, this just demonstrates the fact that cats are more amazing than people realize whether those people have a full brain, a half brain, or no brain at all.

To read more about the amazing cat with half a brain, click here.

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