Cats and dogs often demonstrate higher intelligence than many human beings precisely because they don’t get involved in politics. Dogs get their way by being loyal and obedient while cats get their way by simply taking what they want regardless of what you want them to do.

So it’s not surprising that someone would associate ownership of dogs and cats with political parties in the United States.¬†According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States is a country torn between dogs and cats.

Curiously, this¬†map comparing dog ownership to cat ownership closely matches up with each state’s political leaning. While more people in the East and West coasts own cats, more people in the South own dogs.

Does that mean cat owners are more likely liberal and dog owners more likely conservative? Cat owners have to be liberal and used to sharing because their cats don’t give them a choice since they take everything from humans anyway. Dog owners can afford to be more conservative because dogs will be more obedient.

To read more about this curious correlation between cat and dog ownership and political affiliation, click here.

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