Taylor Swift owns a Scottish Fold cat named Olivia Benson. Yet veterinary internal medicine specialist Dr Richard Malik of Sydney University said breeding such cats is ‘cruel’ and ‘ethically indefensible’. That’s because specific cat breeds are actually mutations that lead to a greater chance of health problems.

Of course, all cat breeds are mutations formed through in-breeding to achieve arbitrary features deemed desirable for a particular breed. That’s why many people prefer to adopt cats of any kind rather than spend money buying an expensive purebred cat.

The lesson is that we should avoid encouraging more cat mutations that will lead to health problems for the cats. Instead, we should embrace all types of cats as wonderful, not just certain breeds. By embracing all types of cats, we can show the world that cat lovers are often more tolerant of diversity than many people in politics.

To read more about the health dangers of specific cat breeds like the Scottish Fold, click here.

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