Students know that studying for final exams can be stressful. Some students cram ahead of time and then celebrate wildly afterwards. Others take am ore measured approach and alternate studying with moments of relaxation. Yet if you’re a student at Cambridge University, you can calm yourself down with a cat.

Several years ago, Jasper, lost his left hind leg in a car accident and was abandoned by his original owner. That’s when Cambridge University’s librarian, Simon Frost, adopted him  and took him to the library as the library’s “official mascot”.

So now when Cambridge University students get stressed out over studying, they can unwind and relax by petting Jasper or just seeing how mellow the cat can be that they can relax themselves. If a cat can calm a student’s nerves, think what a cat can affect your own well-being.

To read about the Cambridge University library cat, click here.

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