With the current administration running the White House in the United States, sales of dystopian novels has skyrocketed. One such dystopian novel, called “The Children of Men,” speculates on a future when the human race mysteriously can no longer create children any more. After twenty-five years without a single human birth around the world, people start looking for substitutes and one of those substitutes involves cats.

Some people carry realistic dolls around in baby carriages but others turn to kittens, dressing them up in baby bonnets and wheeling them around in baby carriages for everyone to admire. By treating kittens as babies, people can pretend the human race has a future while also expressing their parenting instinct.

If the idea of treating kittens as if they were babies sounds weird, then you probably haven’t been around enough cat lovers to recognize that many cat owners treat their cats like babies anyway. Although the emphasis on “The Children of Men” isn’t about people caring for kittens as if they were babies, it is a short and amusing part of this overall story.

If the world suddenly couldn’t have children any more, you can be certain cats would be the first substitutes people would readily embrace.

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